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We are a full-service locally owned veterinary hospital offering everything from routine wellness, emergency, and urgent care to surgery and diagnostic testing & imaging.

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Pet Comprehensive Wellness & Preventive Care

Puppy & Kitten Visits

Pet Sick & Urgent Care

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Pet Spay and Neuter

Pet Soft Tissue Surgeries

Pet Surgery

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Pet Diagnostics

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Pet Allergy Management

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Your new home for modern pet care

At Celina Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to provide exceptional veterinary care with a friendly and welcoming approach. We believe in fostering a strong sense of community by building lasting relationships with you, your beloved pets, and our dedicated team that extends beyond our clinic doors. This approach creates an environment where you feel comfortable participating in your pet’s care decisions.

Request a Refill on Your Pet’s Prescription Online!

Refilling prescriptions at our in-house pharmacy ensures convenient access to medications tailored for your pet’s specific needs. It offers a seamless experience with expert staff who can answer any questions you’ve got.

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Opening August 5th!

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