Pet Surgery

At Celina Veterinary Hospital in Celina, TX, our expert veterinarians are equipped to handle a variety of pet surgeries with precision and care.

Pet Surgery in Celina, TX

In addition to routine surgeries like spay and neuter, we perform most soft tissue surgeries in house such as: mass removal and biopsy, cystotomy (removal of urinary bladder stones), exploratory abdominal surgery, foreign body removal, enucleation (removal of the eye), ear hematoma repair, eye entropion repair, cherry eye repair, dewclaw removal, and amputations (forelimb/hindlimb, tail, and toes). We work with a network of board-certified surgeons to readily refer you when more advanced procedures are necessary, so your pet gets the care it needs.

Prior to any surgeries or anesthesia, we perform a thorough physical exam and offer pre-anesthetic bloodwork. Once we have cleared them for surgery, we assemble their anesthetic protocol, and your pet receives:

  1. An IV catheter and fluid therapy. This helps keep your pet hydrated and maintains their blood pressure during surgery.
  2. A skilled technician to monitor your pet from the moment they go under anesthesia until they are safely awake in recovery.
  3. Pain medication to help keep your pet as comfortable as possible both during and after surgery.

We understand that having a pet undergoing surgery can make many owners nervous. We will text you throughout the day to update you on the status of your pet. You are always welcome to text or call us at any time if you would like a quick update as well.